Hot Summer Love

Ahhh summer,
when the nights are hot
and love is even hotter.

There are memories
of a summer like that
down in the Florida Keys,
a whole block of time I call
the loving days,

racing our jet skis with the wind
to the outer islands for shells,
then docking at a tiki bar
for buffalo wings and
icy Coronas with lime.

But it was the nights...
I miss the nights the most,
when the perspiration was there
before the passion even began,
and the only thing that cooled after
was a dip in the emerald Gulf
and maybe a frozen marguerita, or two,

and overhead in the night sky,
heaven’s own stars shimmied
like diamonds strip-dancing
on the surface of the water.

Hot summer nights
in the loving days,
when the nights were hot
but love was even hotter.

by C.J. Heck

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