Against All Odds...

There's no reason to give up,
When some are born with a spoon of silver,
Others are born with a brain of silver,
Only you can push yourself really up.

There's no reason to lose hope,
Not all are meant to be in power,
But all can decide who is in power,
Only our collective voices can say ‘Nope'.

There's no reason to raise alarm,
When you get burnt by a raging fire,
It only rekindles your old desire,
Only courage can turn cold to warm.

There's no reason to surrender,
Today's weakest may be tomorrow's strongest,
For it is not by looks that you determine the best,
Only time can tell who will conquer.

There's no reason to panic like a toad,
Even though your own folks may trample on you,
They can only do their worst but can't tarnish you,
For your destiny shall raise you against all odds.

by Albashir Adam Alhassan

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