The Second Coming Of Sampson And Delilah

I never believed in reincarnation
It seemed too far-out to me
People in fear of their lives termination
Invented this life guarantee

But something’s occurred, to make me rethink
Perhaps I’ve been wrong all these years
Could it be, my think’s out of sync
That might be the case, it appears

Sampson and Delilah returned from the past
But with differences really quite sizable
Their torrid affair, we know didn’t last
Reincarnated, they’re unrecognizable

They could have come back as Mrs. and Mr.
But, no, they didn’t do that
They’re now in my home as brother and sister
Reincarnated as cats

Sampson’s the strong one, retaining his hair
Enticing Delilah, the cats meow
I contemplatively hereby declare
Reincarnation I must now avow

by Stanley Cooper

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This is a very outstanding poem by Watts in my opinion, and I beileve that if we lived as Isaac Watts portrays in his poems, the world would be a much better place. In the first paragraph he says, 'O 'tis a lovely thing for youth To early walk in wisdom's way; To fear a lie, to speak the truth, That we may trust to all they say! ' By this he means its good for youth to be wise and to be scared to lie and always speak the truth, for liars can never be trusted as he says in the next paragraph. Now when you tell one lie, to cover the first one up, you must tell another and that snowballs into a big chain of lies. We know that Lying is bad and that god does not like it, as he continues. Ananias and Sapphira appear in the bible in Acts chapter 4 and 5. They sell their land and donate a portion of the profit to the apostles. However when they present the offering, Ananias says that it is the whole amount when it is truely not. He lied to the holy spirit and was struck dead on the spot. Sapphira suffered the same fate. In the last paragraph he says that the Lord is happy when we tell the truth but those of us who lie must suffer in the fire of hell. --Thomas Jaquis
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