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Against The Grain
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Against The Grain

I have gone with the flow,
I have swum with the tide,
Boarded block-booked trains,
Enjoyed the ride.

I have donned uniforms,
Marched in rank and file,
Wept when others wept,
And smiled when they smiled.

I have saluted flags,
I have sworn oaths,
I’ve trodden beaten tracks,
Worn mass-made clothes.

I have sung hymns, hit songs,
Or mouthed catchphrases,
Have taken part in team-games,
And run in races.

I have passed exams
Based on set texts,
(Gave the adjudicators
What I knew they would expect.)

Yes, I have gone with the flow,
But, in the main,
I think you’ll find I much prefer
To go against the grain.


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