Against The Quiet Night!

Rise from the darkness
Walk into the light
Soldiers bleed in rhythm
To the quiet night
If right is might
Then let black be white
If fortune favours the brave
Then let love save
Lonely hearts beat a rhythm
To the quiet night
No love to set their souls alight
Only the quiet, quiet night
Stands against the pure
Truths demeanour
Holds a certainty
Certainly we all yearn
But we spurn the awkward answers
Chancers, we are to find our way
From the truth we stray
Till bleeding we stand
Against the quiet night
Against the black white
Dark light that says might is right

by Daniel Hooks

Comments (2)

'Against the quiet night! ' I like this poem, good work!
A great poem which reminds us of the soldiers there fighting to defend us great work done! ! !