EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

Against The Wall

It's hard for her to be strong
With her back against the wall
She's feeling weaker by the hour
Knowing she ought to give in but there's hope inside

All she's got to do is reach for it
It's harder then it seems
Especially when she's back against the wall

What's standing in her way anyhow
The thoughts she swore she could keep away
The thoughts she swore she buried and left them behind
Or is the pictures that's flying in her mind of him

She swears that there's no air around her
Grasping for it but she's coming up short
Thoughts of dying still sticks to her mind

Her screaming soul lost and confused
Now she's found herself against the wall
Thinking of how she needs him now
Looking around trying to shake the images

Wishing that he would come and save her
Save her from herself
She's slowly pulling herself together

Pulling herself away from against the wall
She hears the doorbell and walks slowly toward
Opening the door and there is her missing puzzle piece
There is what she's waiting all along for

No more sorrows or thoughts of dying anymore
Because now he's there to rescue her from herself
She had to pull herself together and pull herself from against the wall

Now there's no more tears or pain
He's there wiping it all away
Fighting her fears
She's got all she needs now in her arms

December 25 2009

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