RW (5/4/1973 / LONDON)

Against The Wall

Her Mother is in the kitchen,
whistling a happy tune;
but a frown appears upon her face,
when the child enters the room.

She stares with stone, cold eyes,
at the child who is standing there;
This little girl can feel the heat,
from her Mother's, smouldering glare.

She angrily barks at her daughter,
'How dare you to interupt';
and the child's heart begins to break,
for she only wanted a hug.

'I only wanted to say good Morning,
and that you look pretty today;
I'm sorry if I made you mad,
will you punish me anyway'?

The expression upon her Mother's face,
fills the little girls heart with fear;
for she knows all to well what that look means,
that her nightmare is so very near.

The pain her Mother inflicts,
upon this precious dove;
is simply undescribable,
and lacks any form of love.

When the woman is finished beating her,
the child huddles against the wall;
degraded, bruised and bleeding,
as the tears from her heart start to fall.

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Comments (4)

This is a hauntingly sad poem and heartwrenching in its reality. It brings to the forefront the fact that there are human monsters to fear and they are in disguise. It tore me up true, but my heart went out to the little girl needing the hug. God bless her and i pray eventually, she found her peace in life. A definite 10+++
This tore at my heart. The scene so vivid and horrific. A poem that will haunt me to such a degree i wish i hadn't read it...
amazingly written, child abuse is a horrible thing
Such a sad poem Ruth and all too true with cases of child abuse.