Against The War

Poem By Ivy Christou

The insanity of each battle,
And people attack each other
And people die..

Somewhere, Miles away,
Families cry,
And tears show no preferences,
They visit everyone
Along with pain
That decides to stay a bit longer...

God shows no preferences
at Paradise’s gates no passport is asked
Just the identity of the soul,
Nationality: the Tribe of kindness.
And when angels are given their wings
No questions are asked,
The colour doesn’t matter,
Archangels are blind,
The nation doesn’t matter,
Archangels come from Heaven
And Heaven is a miniature of the Earth,
All that matters is the beauty of the heart,
Archangels have studied Art…

Comments about Against The War

Surreal and impressive write with unexpected lines, like ((Families cry, And tears show no preferences,)) ((God shows no preferences at Paradise’s gates no passport is asked)) ((Archangels are blind, The nation doesn’t matter,)) It is a sad poem, and whoever knows history, understands why it was written. Very good write. Congratulations.
A beautiful poem..x
Stunningly beautiful! Thanks also for your lovely comments on Unveiled Heart! Love Duncan
hmmmm... i dont know... how do i say. your references to the angels are.. uhm perfect. and the way you said god loves all his children.. ya know. i agree with that a lot. in times of seems like we are trying to prove ourselve but, to who? god would be the best person. cause in the end who else do we have to impress?
Very powerful, Ivy. I hope everyone reads this one as our memory of such things is short.

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