Against Time (Pulse Poetry)

Poem By O.S. Brooks

I hear God
when I work on this art
He whispers love
so, I speak from the heart

He shouts 'Go! '
so I get 'em
with my sharp wit
or wisdom
I'm known
to rock the boat
so hold on and listen

Don't need a quick seven
to send my words back to heaven
All I need is three minutes
and I'll show you how to spend it

I spit fire when the higher father agrees
to send me words to inspire
the image in me
Lord, give me two strong minutes
I show the world how to spend it.

I'm simply a gift
Simply a rock
Here to up lift
The negative on my block

I shout 'Go! '

So, I need not stop,
till my heart pace drops off the planet
and I'm the last soul standing,
and the drill won't press,
and these skills aren't demanded,
and we are up in the heavens
next to love and we landed
close to Left Eye, Tupac, Big and The Man it's-
Another day under stress
while dealing with the mess
I shoot words at your complex
as if my time is next

This is more for my brothers
Plus my mothers in the struggle
Three jobs to pay the rent
Since the gas prices doubled

As if trapped in a bouble
I beat fear to the floor
Beat regret to the wall
And try to escape the allure.

But I'm no Jay-z, Mos Def, Common, or Pun
I am just another brother
Trying to shine like the sun
Trying to make freedom speak
From the pits of my palms
While answering the call
I send my prayers back to mom
Send my fears back to God
Send my pain back to Jah
Plus my joy to Allah

Father Muslim.
Mother Christian.

Both explained life to me
Between the two old religions
And my spirituality
I'm just caught in the moment
Just trying to find me

-Give me one strong minute
And I'll show you how to spend it

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