Poem Hunter
EK (29-09-1996 / Imo State.)


When all hope is lost
And things now cost
Clap for Agape.

Clap for her the clap of pains
Let hearts rub mind with tears
As mother earth go drunk with bloods.

When leaders rule for self
And men always think of self
Sing to Agape
Sing to her the song of her name.

I will tell you a story my mother told
It is a naked clothed story
Whose hands bear two-edged sword
One not told in a hurry.

Lend me your ears
For my heart yearns to give it life
This tale is one of strife
Which has no pain to free.

It is about Agape
And Agape is Nigeria.

(c)EKWUEME KC,2018.

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