(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


For some aging is feared!
It is ignorance
That should have many
Scared to death and frightened!
Running at break neck speed,
To escape from its destructive force!

Not a wrinkle has chased me away yet!
And they come...
One by one,
Using silent tactics,
To get me feeling a bit uncomfortable...
In their presence!
Although I do admit...
Having more than a few around,
Can become quite intimidating!

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Comments (5)

Calendar aging is not aging…when bosom blues one becomes an object of gerontology. Stay mentally nude and avert aging. A youthful ten++ Ms. Nivedita. UK
Age is but a number, I am a born again teenager, ha ha. My wrinkles show I have lived, . I really enjoyed this work. Sue x
This writing is true...thank you...keep writing...I know you will with over 2,000!
Cant escape it so we may as well accept it. Nice poem my friend Alison
Age is something to be embraced not feared! With age comes wisdome, memories and soon a new beginning. I love this poem! It's really smart. I hope to c more of your work again: -)