SH (01 may 1962 / U.S.A.)


I recall the times
I'd dance on life's delicate toes,
Always believing
The faster I'd live, the more of living I would know -

The divine dove of fearless youth
Was right beside me all the way,
That is until, out of the blue
That fickle friend just up and flew away -

There's always a time to play
And a time to rest,
Lately it's the latter
I enjoy the best -

These days my old pals and I
Can't make it so late drinking from the wild-well,
We end up sleeping all the next day
And feeling like hell -

I used to like
Riding bulls and raising cain,
Driving back roads day and night
And camping out in the rain -

I had my own special ways
And unique charms,
Born riding a horse
And working on a farm -

But, as with all of life
Everything has to change,
There's not one element in any of it
That forever remains the same -

So now I'm a bit less special
And have far fewer charms,
Mostly these days just enjoy thinking gentle in my head
And doing simple work with my two old arms -

A good thought
And a good days work,
Help to heal livings pains
And lifes hurts -

So yea, youth has flown the coop...
It's sad but true;
Honestly though in more ways than one
Age could just be the best thing to ever happen,
for me, and for you -

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How excellently true, age does impose changes in our lifestyles and your poem brilliantly put them into words. | Delete this message
Ah yes the sweet bird of youth, who was that masked man? Excellent write Smoky.
Fabulous! ! ! im just getting comfortable and hanging up the glad rags... can appreciate this lovely write so much...and finally eureka at nearly 50 i am a grown up :)
Old age is an issue, but not at fifty or sixty..May be seventies and eighties. When our body fails us due to age, human adjust themselves to live a slow life. I like reading this poem!
love the way it ends... or maybe the way we begin anew!
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