I recall the times
I'd dance on life's delicate toes,
Always believing
The faster I'd live, the more of living I would know -

by Smoky Hoss Click to read full poem

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How excellently true, age does impose changes in our lifestyles and your poem brilliantly put them into words. | Delete this message
Ah yes the sweet bird of youth, who was that masked man? Excellent write Smoky.
Fabulous! ! ! im just getting comfortable and hanging up the glad rags... can appreciate this lovely write so much...and finally eureka at nearly 50 i am a grown up :)
Old age is an issue, but not at fifty or sixty..May be seventies and eighties. When our body fails us due to age, human adjust themselves to live a slow life. I like reading this poem!
love the way it ends... or maybe the way we begin anew!
superb ending. So true, Smoky, when we get abit older the joys of life are no longer the same. We find fulfilment in very different things and this could indeed be the best things to happen Excellent poem
But you're still young Smoky, wait 'till you get to my age! ! A great poem though.
Comment written by a good little neighbor of mine.
Comment written by a good little neighbor of mine. Constance
2nd comment is from me-the wonderful 2nd line pulls me in! Constance
Hang on, tommorw may be better. A somewhat poignant reminder of life's timeless passing. Great write Smoky
You still have your own unique charms a-plenty-they come forth through your wonderful writing! Constance
That's a good poem about an old age because I'm a young 11