Young Stalker

Snow leopards stalk, sometimes to win,
Averting hunger pains,
Because it's as those aches begin,
No gentle peace remains...
Snow leopards must endure the cold
That Winter always brings
And each new meal's worth more than gold,
Because starvation stings...

No creature's safe from predators,
No matter if they run,
Eventually they come off worse,
Beneath the moon or sun...
It's true, some scatter high or low,
Escaping now and then,
But scavengers run to and fro
To catch their prey again...

Snow leopards have a stubborn streak
So they can wait all day,
Young stalkers play at hide-and-seek,
Regardless, come what may...
With hunger pains forever near,
Snow leopards must persist,
Thus tiny creatures live in fear
Each second they exist...

Denis Martindale, copyright, March 2013.

The poem is based on the magnificent painting
by Stephen Gayford called 'Young Stalker II'.

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by Denis Martindale

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