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Age Can Be Relative

Some men in their prime years feel older long before their hair turn to gray
For age can be relevant to the person it can be a state of mind as some do say
And some women in their forties use hair dyes and anti ageing creams for to combat time's decay
It is natural to wish to look younger to others to be vain is the human way
A woman is as old as she looks and when a man stops looking he is old
Words of advice that i recall from my young years by a local elder to me told
Some may look on that as a bit sexist though make out of it what you may
What once was known as humorous and witty out of place in the politically correct World of today
I feel the years creeping up on me i am not the man i used to be
Though i was never athletic or handsome age has created an uglier to look at me
The boys and girls i went to school with i may not recognize them today
The years seem to go by so quickly and youth with anyone does not stay
The poets write of love, youth and beauty and the singers of it do sing
But it is true what some say in their wisdom that age can be a relative thing.

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