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Age Does Weaken

Age does weaken body and mind like age does weaken the old tree
All we do have are the memories of the long gone used to be
The biological clocks are ever ticking few things in life ever last
At the very stroke of midnight today will be of the past

We should only feel quite happy for every day we wake to see
Though many of us cling to our memories of the past we are not free
Yet we can only live in the now tomorrow is another day
And the past has gone forever time does not wait as they say

Every day in Countries Worldwide people for success compete
Yet most of the wealthy and the famous are victims of self conceit
Fans and public admiration to swollen egos do give rise
The admired one who does stay humble is one who has to be wise

We should always be quite happy for to welcome every day
Since you or i or anyone does not know when the life's reaper will decide to come reaping our way
Fame and success as is well known comes to many at a cost
Life is the greatest gift that we have when we lose it all is lost.

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