Age Five At Ninnywood, Somerset County Pa

Poem By Carole Walker

Softly I run into the twilight
of the summer evening,
ready to catch
the magic of fireflies,
to hold their bright moment
in the glass jar
all children have.

The sky is raucous with rain and thunder.
I have a balcony seat in the big stone house.
I am safe;
but I want toe be out, to be IN it.
I want to smell and taste the rainwater,
to vibrate in the thunder's roar,
open and shut my eyes
with the jagged lightening
as it cuts through the sky.

It is early in the morning.
I rise from my cherry bed,
leave the fairies who live in
my flocked blue curtains
to go into the woods,
launch moss boats into
pools made by overnight rain,
silently dance around the
Indian Pipe circe
that glows in the early light,
carry its neighbor, spearmint
into my waiting mouth.

My big white cat, Constantine appears.
'its time, ' he says, 'for breakfast.'

(February 2014)

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A very nice kind of poem. Light and Cool

5 out of 5
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