VM (18/06/1974 / chennai)

Age Is Not Physical, But Inner Energy

Age gap is disappearing drastically
It's just a number like
20,50,16 70 etc.

People in their 20s chuck
The mundane corporate life
To pursue their passions.

People in their 70s or 60s
Are more creative, join zumba, or night club
To experience their ageless dreams.

People in their 16 and teens
More into spiritual, none are sceptical about it
They think of home loans
In their early twenties and retirement in forties.

People in their 40s to 60s more active
In social medias, try their passions
You can meet your soul mate even in 50.

Remain young, explore new things
Make your life worth, be active
Absolute trasnperancy, don't tame your soul.

Age is just a number
16 or 60 don't restrict, we are
Young minds forever, it's just mind set.

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Inner energy! Thanks for sharing.