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Age Of Self Promotion

In the age of self promotion boasting of self is the in thing
And at every community gathering people their own praises sing
In the early twenty first century the humble have become few
That bragging now is seen as normal is not saying anything that is new
The wise old saying of self praise is no praise is not seen as relevant today
When i was a younger person it used not to be this way
Nowadays they have the humble person in the losers pigeon hole
Competition between people for attention it does seem out of control
The Human World in need of far more of the compassionate and kind
Sad to say that far too many of promotion of self only inclined
Living for the self only does not say this much of you
Those who spare some time for others for humanity good things do
Of more of the kind and compassionate humanity is in need
In an age when far too many are possessed by demon greed.

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