Age Old Unchanging Beliefs

Those remaining fixed and supportive,
To age old unchanging beliefs...
That stay limited and unwelcoming,
To those returning to live within...
Their remembered neighborhoods and communities.
But now are more knowledgeable and experienced.
And willing to share without a hint of selfishness,
Those lessons they've learn...
To have left them forgiving and more tolerant.

Yet confronted with a shown disrespect to them given,
By those relying upon that which no longer exists...
With it believed they will receive and get,
What others have earned through sweat equity.
And passing to qualify test after test to test.
To find themselves accepting the changing of times.
With no sign of regret to hear from them whine.
But find themselves surround by those who critique.

Difficult it is to leave those with age old beliefs behind.
But reality to be what is today for many to live it,
To accept.
Less are feelings of regret one might have kept...
When it becomes realized sweat equity,
And what is wished with a wanting to get...
Takes a willingness to allow time to expand one's mind.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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