Expose Evil

Poem By Patricia Kelley

Oh, how time flies, with a blink of an eye.
I can remember when I was ten now I'm Thirty-five.
As, I age; I have experienced so many things.
I have seen so many emotional rays.
Some bright, some gray.
But they all have taught me some kind of lesson and guided me along the way.
Each one affecting me differently, change that just can't be denied.
Pain, love, lose, and gain were always by my side.
Sadness and tear drops would start to fall.
Now that I look back, I was so scared and did not understand at all.
But why would I not expect change and why would I want to stay the same.
Without change their is no growth.
Without growth their is no pain.
Without experience their is no knowledge to gain.
So as, we age, we should live, laugh, love, and feel pain.
Doing it all with grace, wisdom following not far behind.
I can remember when I was twenty now I'm ninety-five.
I can remember, it all, like it was yesterday.

My hair was like a sun kissed raspberry on a hot summer day.
Now it has all faded into shades of gray.
My beautiful canvas evenly stroked with perfection; so milky, so white.
My beauty never went untold.
Now my reflection is wrinkled and bruised.
Their was not one inch of my body that time had not perfectly consumed.
Every wrinkle, every scar has a wonderful story to tell.
I have experienced change and wisdom.
I was once young but now I'm old.
I have no regrets..
I got to live, love, and learn.

Comments about Expose Evil

You're still young. I loved the poem, however. Keep writing.
My beautiful canvas evenly stroked with perfection; so milky, so white. My beauty never went untold. Very interesting expression attracts attention of readers. Remembering present and having wonderful expression of love is very amazing and interesting.10

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