AI (24.10.1960 / Bangalore)

Aged Beauty

To beauty that is ageless

Surrounded by distant tapering shadows
He, like an old frozen starved crag
Looking gone to earthly viscious eyes
Sees beauty in her artless staggering form
As she touches his forehead lovingly

Only her tapestry weaving colorful shades
Of youth that stayed distant as age advanced
Her charm still beautiful in his radiant eyes
Least of charmed looks himself he sees her
As wine on a warm sultry enthusiastic day

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Comments (6)

As age grows beauty also a matter of life's experiences...and face is the index of a matured mind or heart....nice theme...thank you
love is ageless and timeless
a thing of beauty is a joy forever... beauty is in the beholder's eyes... wine matures sweet with age... wisdom matures with age... wisdom wine beholds the ageless beauty inside... thanks...a nice have brought out your thoughts thereon very well...10
Togetherness into old age keeps its beauty even with the withering tick of time lovely poem aryaindia uavaniceday regards
A sweet poem about beauty lasting in the eyes of an older couple. Nicely done. A joy to read. Ravensong
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