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:) Ageing Couple

It is nice to watch them
Much as one might observe
Deer feeding undisturbed.
Just the every day significance of little things
Perhaps it is the gait that belongs to age
Or some other subtle thing
It is nice to watch
Those who go at growing old.

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Old is gold in so many different ways. I liked this one very much. As always, Sandra
What a superbly simple picture you paint here - your Ageing couple share an unself-conscious grace - as you say - like deer feeding undisturbed. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this poem. love, Allie xxxx
I so loved this poem! ! My heart warms at the thought of growing old with my husband. We've been together since we were next door neighbors at the age of 16 and we often watch 'older' couples and dream we too can make it! ! Thank you for such a wonderful poem. Sincerely, Mary
touching sentiment Mr. Grace...there is a nobleness in their walk earned from carrying generations of memories. kenneth