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Ageing Nostalgic Migrants

Ageing nostalgic migrants i do meet every day
Reminiscing on their old homelands far away
Quite close to tears at memories of the past
And the clocks on their lives ever ticking on fast

Some of them grandparentswell beyond their physical prime
Showing the bodily appearanceof time
Living with their memories of long ago
Of where they lived before time it did become their foe

Clinging to their memories of for them what used to be
Though many of them their first homeplace never more see
Near where they live now their last remains may lay
Far from where they first looked on the lamp of day

Whenever i am walking in the park by the street
Ageing nostalgic migrants i always happen to meet
Reminiscing on a far away town
Where they may never again see a sunrise or watch a sundown.

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