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Ageing Though Not Gracefully

He is ageing though not gracefully at the Fall of his life span
He wears a hairpiece and he uses anti ageing creams he is quite a proud old man
His once massive chest and shoulders drooped and shrunken in his prime he was quite strong
But those who say age mellows and brings wisdom by his type often have been proven wrong
He still does have a big ego some egos with age do not deflate
Though hair pieces, face lifts and anti ageing creams a second youth cannot create
Any talk of eternal youth is a fallacy as we have come to know
It is a myth that came from myths of Ireland many centuries ago
A woman is as old as she looks and a man is old when he stops looking to him has to apply
When talking to younger women he is anything but shy
Though eight times a great grandfather and divorced from his fourth wife
In his seventy years old body there is still a lot of life
As a younger person I thought wisdom did come with age till I came to realize
That everybody does grow older but few ever do grow wise.

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