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Ageing With Grace

When she was younger a long time ago
Long before time itself became her foe
She was one of the young beauties of the town
Back then her wavy hair was nugget brown

She lives on her own never was anyone's wife
Her only offspring her son in his early twenties lost his life
In a work related accident he was twenty one years
Memories of him still does move her to tears

In her mid seventies her shoulder length hair silver gray
For one of her years she looks and feels physically okay
The beauty of youth with anyone does not stay
As the years go by it slowly fades away

In her one bedroom flat growing old on her own
Of life's deepest sorrows she is one who has known
One who is ageing in a graceful way
When out walking to anyone she knows she smiles and says good day

A very nice person and quite helpful indeed
Always willing to help anyone of helping in need
Despite age wrinkles she does have a beautiful face
And she is a woman who is ageing with grace.

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