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If Charles and Camilla were younger how different things for them would be
For we live in an ageist society or that's how it would seem to me
Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary get most of the attention their praises by Royal watchers are sung
What a difference a few decades in age difference can make since they are both glamorous and young.

Ageism is in all races and classes and it is something one will find Worldwide
I envy those in their mid twenties with youth and beauty on their side
Gray hair and wisdom is so under valued but such is life one does suppose
Beneath the rose tree the red petals that have fallen from yesterday's rose.

The prime of Humankind passes so quickly and soon we are ageing and gray
And don't waste your prime on cares and worries since your life clock keeps ticking away
But do make the most of your twenties as your gift of youth with you will not last
Even in the time span of a decade you will be seen as one whose better days are past.

One example is Charles and Camilla wealthy people but well past their prime
No longer the centre of attention their enemy is father time
But their case is nowadays the normal as ageism to everyone apply
It applies to the poor and the wealthy as well as to you and to I.

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