Poem By Laurie hill

Your laughter,
gentle wind chimes on a spring day,

Your voice,
warm and soft, a kings mistress

Your heart,
oh your heart, what can i say,

Your smile,
your charm, ageless

Comments about Ageless

your words are ageless too.This is great.
this poem too shall be, Ageless.
Irresistible, isn't he! Good work.
What woman could resist
Full of tenderness Laurie - - - very appealing 10 form Fay...

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A Peace Beyond

I know beyond the darkness, there's a candle flame that flickers and the darkness is a mantle on my soul.
I know beyond the darkness, there's a peace that yet evades me as the reaper waits in silence for his toll.

A Woman Gently Stirs

Twilight, just before the dawn,
shows pale your skin, against my touch.
A girl before this night was born,
a girl who had to give so much.


Silence stills the early hours,
silent is the voice.
Quiet stills the storm within,
quiet formed by choice.

After You'D Gone

After you'd gone,
I watched until the darkness hid you.
Pressing my cheek gently, softly,
against the cool window pane.

*insanity (Re-Submitted As It Disappeared? ?)

Through the crystaled splendoured canyons,
'Neath the star enshrouded halls,
Past the dreams of dying motion,
Vainly climbing freedoms walls,