Agent Orange

A girl enraged
So strange
Painting the world orange
With her fits of fury and courage
Dressed to take over the big bad world
She has nothing to lose
That she has not already found
She rides hope with despair
Like the rose petals that know their fate
Singing songs of glory
Perching on saving journeys
Always escaping and creating a new disguise
She is in a minute yours and in another mine

There is always a moment waiting to be rescued
A smile waiting to be born
The star lit night is turning into dawn
She is a witness to all
Always ready to catch you when you fall
A best friend with benefit
We all are part of her plan
Calculated moves and that forget me not smile
We are truly enticed
No promises, No guarantees
She is a mystery in entirety
Her words are sharp and tender at the same time
Re-defining the pinch of sarcasm
Breaking a thousand hearts with that cold sigh
And walking away into the wild

No background
Nothing to fall back on
She is an agent of her own premise
Keeping that fire lit within
That keeps her going in every life
In every kitchen
In every broken porcelain left after a fight
In every letdown
In that illusionary win when her heart died
Her happiness needs no alibi
An enigma that is beyond define
She is Agent Orange who is not grace deprived.

For an unknown yet known life


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