Agent Orange- -

Hodgkins Disease,
Multiple Myleoma & Ischemic Heart Disease
Are just some of the many illnesse's
That our poor Veterans received! !

A herbacide and defloliant
That could wipe the entire slate clean-
The exposure was everywhere...
Yet, mostly unseen! ! !

Such a dark shadow on Vietnam
So many struck down in the prime of their life-
It's hard to believe that chemical companies still manufacture
Such poisonous pesticides-in the USA their use is just rife! ! !

Today we are dealing with ROUNDUP- -
It's actually in some of our food...
Everyone get's their fair share (the elderly & babies)
It's enough to ruin one's own good mood! ! !

America is getting slowly poisoned-
Why we still allow this is anyone's guess...
I cannot hardly bare knowing this as i feel so helpless...
As America is dealing with a very grave mess! ! !

Theodora Onken


by Theodora (Theo) Onken

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Criminals feed us What a disaster! They kill us slow And by wars, Even faster. But I hear no complaints About this monstrous disaster Except, maybe, this excellent poem Written by a poetic master. Thank you so much for telling us this bitter truth. in a very clear and concise way, that all can master. Sad but excellent poem!
Happy International Peace Day! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ***
There is nothing artistic about this above is strictly a rhyme about what we are dealing with here in America in regards to our food. It's a write about what these posion's cause in human beings...Roundup is now being linked to Lymphoma and Leukemia here. Just stop and think for a moment about a babies tiny body...and what's in our food....they do not stand a chance. They are even talking about GMO'ing our salmon. The Bee's are dying. We cannot live without our bee's. Many countries have already banned the company responsible for the manufacture of Roundup from allowing their products enter their countries...the question is: why do we still allow it?