If I could relocate
the imagination of my childhood,
lay it next to
the experimentation of my teens,

by Sheila Knowles Click to read full poem

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Sheila, You have to be an optimist, what makes you think that you will see things clearer, than the past has ever shown you? B.V.A.
You are all ready a great poet from what I have read/brilliant cheers Sylvie
Magic Sheila! ! This one I like a lot! given me a big grin! Moyaxx
Good use of imagery, very understandable, very well written. You have good rhythmic flow.
Dear Sheila, Sounds ever so much like me. What the hell is the deal with perfectionism? Just where is that poetic spirit of which my physicality continues to be in pursuit? Photo-sensing orbs aren't fully equipped to locate that entity that much is for certain. Gregory
Dear Poet, never collapse!
still looking for the serenity and the wisdom, great poem, wonderful lines
charming yet exploring the profound deeply delving into time its terror and mystery a masterful poem
I love the punchline, poet Sheila. Made me laugh out loud. 10 from Tai