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Aggie The Hag
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Aggie The Hag

Poem By Dee Daffodil

Aggie the Hag, was a wonderful witch,
Who all the children adored
She fancied herself a sorceress
It kept her from being bored

Aggie practiced for many hours
With her book of magic spells
But in the end, the final result
Was just a lot of bad smells

She had all the right ingredients
For conjurring up a potion
She mixed eye of newt, and warthog oil
But wound up with hand lotion

She had tried spells as well
But spells could be quite tricky
For once before she'd done the frog-prince spell
And was left with a prince, quite sticky!

Aggie wanted to fly through the town,
On her broom, for Halloween night
But once again she was dismayed to find
That heights gave her a fright

So, on Halloween night, she decked herself,
In all her witchy clothes.
She made herself look spooky,
Right down to the wart on her nose

She'd been busy in the kitchen,
With one last magic spell.
From what she could tell, so far,
It seemed to have gone quite well

So when children began arriving
Dressed as goblins, ghosts and ghouls
She invited them in with their parents
Thus breaking all the witch rules

She then offered them some morsels
For each to chew upon
They noshed them down quite happily
Until the last crumb was gone

She waited in anticipation
Of what would happen next
Would this spell also fizzle?
Or would everyone be hexed?

One by one, they had to agree
Her magic powers would stand
They all said her chocolate chip cookies,
Were the best in all the land!

Oct 19/06

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Comments (22)

light and smiley great on haloween felt like a ride on the broom myself...great poetry cheers
I love your Aggie witch, poem. Maybe Chrissam and Aggie can get together, They could fly through the sky at night What a wonderful sight that would be I know Aggie is a bit scared of heights But if she held on to Chrissam, she might not be They could make spells, together Make the rain fall from the sky In many different colours Wouldn’t that be lovely, oh my They could maybe have tea Then make some more spell And Aggie can show Chrissam, how she makes Those terrible smells.
Beautifully done! This is what I'm talkin' about.Charming, Inventive, light-hearted and humorous.
I found this to be quite creative and a delightful read. There were a couple of rhyming problems, but those are minor. The poem was clear in meaning and the ending was a good one. I give it a good recommendation. GW62
Sheer magic Dee Sugarcraft is better than witchcraft
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