Aggressing Their Way Into Total Isolation

Aggressing their way into total isolation.
As demands for their way of life,
Burdens humanity.
And focuses all to the core of this strife.
With weapons used to end conflict...
Only resulting in the advancement of it.

And those who believe,
These antiquated methods...
Proves a superiority.
With a condoned authority!
Will see in such ignorance,
The beginnings of self hatred.

With an inner guilt that does not diminish.
When the 'spirits' of the heavens...
Releases upon them,
A taste of their own wickedness.

And it comes as a welcome.
With no enforcements,
Coming that can combat it.
Or other mortal 'rulers'...
Combining in like mindsets,
Defending them to dispense...
Upon them favoritism.
As all will witness this affect,
That humbles and corrects!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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