I Am All Alone Here

I am all alone here
in this pushy,
noisy crowd.

I bustle along
with the sheep of this town
as they move around
from one place to the next
never stopping to look at whose on their left
or right;
unless they’re someone
they’ve known all their life.

They never worry about tomorrow;
they never do anything meaningful

They just go from one ad to the next
always looking for that next best

In this city made out of
reflective glass and steel
inanimate objects have taken precedence.

Everyone worships them,
hopes to gain them,
in an attempt to be the “best”

I am all alone here,
but so is everyone else;
no one talks with meaning
as they go about
trading green paper in
for pleasure full past times
and un-needed objects.

I am all alone here
as I sit and stare;
but no one sees me.
I am gone.
For in this place
your identity is taken
and you are nothing more
than another sheep
being dazzled by pretty green grass.

by Little Cat

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