Tonight is the night where souls release.
The darkness feeds on the unwary.
We find the milieu filled with dread.
It's time, and clime to the undead.
They call you at night, knock on your door.
And peep through your window sill.
They make those noises on the floor,
Knowing that you will just be still.
They love to keep you awake all night.
Scare the hell out of everyone they like.
And make fun of the screams and shouts.
The laughter for the fear day will strike.
Trick or treats are for kids so meek.
Candies sweets are all they seek.
The tender faces drenched with filth and blood,
And happy Halloween a much-made match.
They get on costumes and prepare for disguise,
Knock on every neighbor to victimize
Say the words they get a treat,
Love them seeing candies they eat.

The long dead people get a visit,
From the living, at least for just a minute.
Gives love on the cold blank heart of the dead.
Yet their memories live inside our head.
The past was their dwelling now gone at the present.
We loved them and they loved us but they needed to leave.
They have gone to a better place now,
And we know they are waiting for our reprieve.
We might not think of the possibilities,
Life is so capricious as for you to know.
Spend life on so much crap can kill you,
So much idleness can make you slow.
Try making life a bit different.
Bring joy to everything as long as you live.
Spend life on love and the life you can give.
Life is too short for us to take it for granted.
A day is just a day and can happen once.
We live at the sunrise in the morning,
And die into the night at the sun's setting.
Be just a piece of a memory on someone's mind.
Just a speck of the past that shall be left behind.

by Jean Eugene Guan

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