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Aging Bill

Aging Bill divorced from Carol his nagging ex wife
Vows he will never have another woman in his life
He claims he has lived as a far happier man
Since ten years ago she left him for his ex best friend Stan

They went off to live in a town far away
Stan did me a favor he often does say
Life for him better without her he now does realize
Our mistakes of the past on hindsight we recognize

Aging Bill a grandfather In his sixtieth Year
Will tell you in life that love has cost him dear
He used to love Carol a long time ago
But as is said of love time can become it's foe

On his last decade with Carol there were arguments every day
She sulked and she scolded when she did not have her way
The darker side of love for resentment the seed
And what once was beautiful can turn nasty indeed

Aging Bill into a wiser person has grown
He now feels much happier living on his own
His ex wife she is married to his former best friend Stan
And without her he will grow old as a far happier man.

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