Aging Fence Sitters

Aging fence sitters,
Hiding behind others...
Who have made clear,
Of their purposes to cement...
In achieving activities,
That require them to make known...
A backbone to present that is shown.
Those aging fence sitters,
Are often heard demoting to provoke...
A demeaning of another discreetly.
And to be condoned,
Around folks unaware and don't know...
They are not spared,
By the ones who age and fence sit.
Who would not hesitate to do,
The very same thing to them.
If and when given the opportunity,
To gain and get the benefit...
Of an attention wished and meant solicited.

'Look at all those birds.
Sitting together on that one fence.
Way over there in the distance.'

They do appear to be crows.
But if we drove near them it would be clear,
Some will stay sitting.
And others will get up and walk away.~

'But birds that flock together,
Normally would fly high into the sky.'

~These are old and aging fence sitting crows.
Squawking back and forth.
And sharing together,
Picked over made up trash.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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