I'm in agony the pain I feel is deep, So deep I don't know where it ends and my soul begins.
Agony and pain over what I must decide, The grass over there looks so nice but I know it will leave a rash.
The side I'm on is nice but pushes me too far and asks too much from me.

What to do? Don't know what the answer is or where to go?
Does God even like me?

Help me...Help me...Help me...

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God always like you. will you please be kind to read my poem and comment then you will not need to go anywhere. but you have also posted a true feeling, a nice poem.

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The Angels are among us living, breathing and watching
The Angels are among the people that we want to be
Is there an Angel in you?

Please God -Bring Our Grandpa Back

I hold your ashes in my hand, trying to remember what you look like.
The smell, your voice its so hard to say goodbye.
After almost 3 years have come and gone it seems like yesterday when you left.
Our hearts still so broken.


To be alone...
Loneliness is my other half...
You learn alot about yourself...

My Father

Once I did not know him
A little girl wanted nothing more but to be beside him
He kept saying 'he would be there' but did not show


Leaving on a new trip, A new place to be
A new beginning, A new step to who I am.
Filled with hope and scared of what I've become.
Hope to find a new love, A love to be my true self and prosper.

A Friend

A friend is there to call upon
A friend is there for the good and the bad
A friend is there for a shoulder to cry on
A friend there for the new place in your heart, And your heart belongs to that friend