Agony And Uncertainty

I wonder why we ever need
to complicate and to forbid
Words and thoughts causeth mine bleed
thine doubt and agony has merely feed

I was uncertain afore mine firm
and now still-I stand to confirm
alas! thy withdraw. Why mine dear?
has mine firmed thoughts a cause of fear?

it's not the alien script
nor the visiting thoughts,
which matters but what's been engraved
betwixt the soul of hosts.

We step nought at planks we broke,
the second time we climb the stair?
and if it is fixed, the others left weaker
to step on same plank therefore is better.

MAY I again ask you to calm?
MAY I advise 'the planks are healed'?
May I kill the burgeoning doubts?
May I have the gaps and lapses filled?

by Avery Eglantine

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Ellirie, you have some good and fascinating thoughts in your poem, they start out very clear then get muddied a bit. Possibly say your poem out loud and listen carefully for the rhythm and meanings to make sure they're clear to others. I often have to do that myself. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn