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Agony Of A Broken Soul

Agony Of A Broken Soul

I thought I was strong,
That I could move on easily,
But I was wrong..
The moment I saw you
My defenses broke down again..

I said, I could live without you,
I’ll be fine even when you’re not around
But all of those, were just words..
The truth is,
You’re still the only person that my heart desires..

I keep my faith on God above,
That someday, I’ll find what’s really mine
But when I think that you’re with somebody else
Tears just kept on flowing..
Telling me to let you go, and let you be happy..

I closed my eyes,
Listen patiently to the beat of my heart..
Hearing nothing, but the sound of my sighs,
Loneliness, driving me insane..
And I have no one else but myself left to blame..

Cry, that’s the only thing I could do..
But these tears wont bring me back to you..
Still, this heart longs for your love.
I wont wait..
I’ll just let fate takes its course..
Until we meet again……………….

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Comments (2)

Great expression in your hardest time. Has a very cold feeling to it and good write all the same
A poem of bitterness and sadness of seperating. Nice one...