Peace Seeker

I am a sucker for
rumors about peace
treaties and cease fires
willing to believe

what I want, to come true
the slightest hint an armistice
is in the makiing,
perks up my spirits

ignites my hopes
already I am making plans
it'so easy to fool me
again and again

my moral fiber
no better than others,
yet has faith, reasonance in tune
with the circadian rythmn
of the man in the moon

from armistice to Oslo
The road map and Geneva
al all children of what i want
I am trapped by desires, fantasies
and dreams that have not come true

are you a sucker too

by shimon weinroth

Comments (6)

reminds me of elementary school, not so mcuh now....but a little regards ROCCO
I greatly enjoyed this poem - the memories of my schooldays. Brilliant work
This is really beautiful, I can relate to what you are saying a lot. But I tell you this, I swear it gets better. Keep writing- you're brilliant! Effie. xx
i know how you feel with this poem, i get it to, no one understands me! ! ! !
This is one fine job. I may take issue with the form of this poem, but I take no issue with anything else. What a wonderfully writen piece. I'm giving it a 9. GW62
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