AL (05-29-91 + still living / Wake County, NC)


The last place on earth
Finding myself waking up on the beach
I’ve learned and now I have to teach
Wondering if it was a dream
Across the sea was steam
Trying to find that extra courage
To take all the rage
And make it be still
To be put forever under a hill
I know exactly what to do
Hiding all my fears away from you
You got right under my skin
For it was so thin
Destroying the person I am
Waking up to the person I am
I’ve stop trying... tired
I’m so tired... tired
All this time I was trying to escape
I never realized the tape
That covered up the truth from me
So that I could never see
Why... Why I was meant to be here
And not over there
The deadliest lesson
The life search lesson
Of finding out who you are
Wondering if you have a star
Up in the sky for you
Looking at the sky so blue
Putting up quite a fight
Trying to find the light
With the weight of the world on my shoulders
The world’s weight ... my shoulders
I’ve taken the wrong trail
The wrong trail
Lead me to my deepest questions
The deepest questions
Ugh... Funny that I found the answers to those going this way
Telling myself I’m not going to run away
I’ve been searching the sky above
Searching for my love
While my love was lurking behind the trees
Searching for me
Hearing the thunder in HIS ears
For HIS sight isn’t clear
Listening to HIS disbelief, anger, and depression
While inside HE has aggression
Aggression against me
For I never couldn’t see

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