Letting That Go...To Grow

We provide,
Too many excuses.
And allow escapes,
From a lack of discipline.

Don't we all,
Relish to rehash
Good and bad experiences...
Recaptured from our pasts.
And relate to them,
As if time for us is standing still.
To watch and admire,
Those strong wills we have...
Doing our best to hold onto youth,
With a slipping grasp.

Instead of letting that go...
To grow.
Like blades of grass,
Some pamper.
Until mulched and trashed!
But forgotten...
At last!
To become recycled.
As everything in nature has!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Superb poem love feeling is Soo deep I love it
yes, awesome, but last line doesn't account for the odd tsunami.
Love and Time with reverence use, Treat them like a parting friend; Nor the golden gifts refuse Which in youth sincere they send: Beautiful poem about time and love. 10 for it.
Awesome poem, Speechlesssss Love, like spring-tides full and high, Swells in every youthful vein; But each tide does less supply, Till they quite shrink in again:
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