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The Power Of Ideas

The power of ideas are immeasurable
They are the hidden treasures which lies
Deep within each and everyone of us
When we take the time to mind them we will find
That they are more precious than diamonds

Ideas which may seem insignificant
Has tremendous power within them
They are the genesis the initiation the foundation
Of all invention and everything which
Is created by humankind

The power of ideas are immeasurable
They have got the power to move mountains
To overcome any obstacle and to make
The seemingly impossible possible

Ideas are the levers which moves and the axis
On which the world revolves
The power of ideas are immeasurable
The power of ideas...

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Oh dear beloved God, you have infinite ray, Like trees drink nectar of ray from sun, We drink nectar of wisdom from you daily! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - A lovely lovely poem/prayer to our God and such an endearing image you have drawn here
Congratulations dear great poet and reading a Poem of the Day of past day is immense pleasure giving. Golden sunrise picture ignites mind and beauty of God's surprise is truly gifted. A great lovely poem you have gifted to mankind.
Yes, God does true transformation by his mercy. After reading your poem I am greatly delighted. Like trees we drink nectar from nature and noble write. A great poem this is. Thanks. Belated Congratulations for POD.
Attention poets: and Visitors: The translation of this poem done by Ravi Kopra is not the true translation of this poem and I am not responsible for this. I have never invited him or permitted him to do translation of any of my poems or this poem. So I request you to ignore the translation added below in the option, 'Read this poem in other languages.' Perhaps he has adopted this option, 'I would like to translate this poem »' and translated this without my consent. @*
ADDITION: A 10 and much much more for the vote. Thank you.
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