Ahimsa 1 - A Powerful Way Of Life

Poem By Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

A dialogue between a mother and her child

The child looks at the mother and asks:
'Mother! Tell me, what is Ahimsa? '
The Mother answers:
'Ahimsa! '
'Ahimsa, my child, is a word full of meaning.
It literally means non-violence.
But it should not be dismissed as an ordinary word.
In fact, it is an extra-ordinary principle,
A powerful way of yogic life,
That can elevate our lives most significantly! '

The Mother continues:
'To put it in simple language, my child,
Ahimsa is being kind, yes, being very kind,
In fact, being extremely kind to one and all!
Not just being kind to your parents and friends,
But being kind to the neighbours as well,
Being kind to people of all communities,
Being kind to people of all languages,
Being kind to your countrymen!
Wait! That's not enough, dear!
We need to be kind to the whole world.'

The child looks bewildered and says:
'Oh! Mother! That's so vast! Like an ocean! '
The Mother adds:
'And remember, my child, kindness not just in words alone,
But in deed! It means harmlessness too!
To take utmost care not to harm anyone.
No matter, whether they are rich, poor or middle-class,
No matter, whether they are blind, deaf or dumb,
No matter, whether they are sick with diabetes, cancer or aids,
No matter, whether their colour is black, brown or white,
No matter, whether they are Hindus, Christians or Muslims.
Whatever they are! We have no right to harm anyone.'

The child, a bit confused says: 'Oh Mother!
That's a long list of kindness and harmlessness!
How can I remember all of them?
I have to by-heart them all! '

The Mother firmly asserts:
'Yes! My child! You need to by-heart all of them,
Most importantly, remember them always.
There is absolutely no other way! '

The Mother pauses awhile and then continues again:
'My dear child, please understand, its not being kind alone,
You have to be tolerant as well.
Not just to human beings but to animals, birds and tiny creatures too.
The animals and birds cannot talk like us,
Can never express their difficulties,
So all the more, we have to be extra-considerate!
We need to serve the cows with fresh green grass,
To feed the goats with succulent green leaves,
They give us such pure milk!
The supplier of calcium and vitamins to the body!
We need to train the dogs with patience.
They are man's most faithful friends! '

'And do you know dear, even plants, shrubs and trees have life?
That they too need tender care and love?
The plants breathe like us. Inhaling and exhaling!
Through plants we gain fresh oxygen - so vital for our breath!
They too know to make their own food.
It is not that only we know to cook!
They use the natural sunlight to manufacture chlorophyll,
That's why the trees and plants have such lush green leaves!
How can we be crude and careless towards such vital living greens?
They too need tender care and love as much as we do! '

'I have not completed yet!
Even the stones - precious, semi-precious or otherwise
Needs warmth and affection!
We have to touch them with softness and tenderness,
For they too can emit rays of light and love,
And are able to calm and soothe our nerves! '

'In short, my darling!
We have to be kind and tolerant towards the entire Earth,
Because Earth is our Mother -The benevolent Mother Earth!
She gives us shelter, care and protection,
She cradles us in her lap with such care and affection,
That we ought to thank her for her generosity
By treading the path of Ahimsa -
The path of love, kindness and tolerance
And above all -the path of non-violence!

Comments about Ahimsa 1 - A Powerful Way Of Life

Ahimsa, not to hurt others, peace, love and kindhearted, Nice to read this poem.thank you poet.
Kind and tolerant! ! Peace and Love. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Overflowing with enough goodness and kindness to fill the ocean with love unto overflowing.What a wonderful world we would have if everyone lived by these principles. Simply sublime my friend!
I am extremely happy that you have talked about the stones too...very often I tell my grand children about this...be it stone or a dried wood, if they too can respond to temperature means they too have a kind of life...you are a good mother and a teacher Geeta...stay blessed always
Indeed, Ahimsa is a powerful way of life - pure compassion which is the highest level of human civilization and existence. An absolutely pleasing write-up Geeta. Thanks for sharing and do remain blessed.

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