Ahimsa 12 - The Power Greed

Poem By Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

The most vicious and dangerous
Is the power greed!
This stems from an enormous
Not an ordinary sized ego
But much, much bigger than
A mountain!
It is not like a solid structure either
Because an ego keeps growing
And expanding,
Moving and leaping
Into gigantic proportions!
It seldom diminishes,
It is like a balloon filled with helium,
Bloating and floating high in space!

The power greed stems from the
"I" sense.
Not the simple,
"I am the owner of this house"
But the notoriety of
"I want to be the owner of this earth."
The power greed is never satisfied,
It asks for things, again and again.
The greed plans the strategies,
As how one could be crowned as
The Dictator!
To be dreadfully important,
Powerfully holding everything under the thumb,
Not just people or countries,
But Mother Earth too!

All along the way,
Of becoming a powerful emperor,
The greedy pursuits are accompanied
By various ‘Himsas'!
Each thought, word, or deed
Is a game plan,
To cut and wipe out,
Annihilate and destroy,
The innocent ones!
When each cell of the body
Pulsates with power greed,
How can ‘Ahimsa' be practised?
To demolish the power-greed
One has to scorch the seed of
The violent and powerful ‘I'!

Comments about Ahimsa 12 - The Power Greed

' The power greed stems from the " I" sense. Not the simple, " I am the owner of this house" But the notoriety of " I want to be the owner of this earth." ... To demolish the power-greed One has to scorch the seed of The violent and powerful ‘I'! ....very powerful words...you have very cleverly, carefully elaborated on Ahimsa topic by topic responsibly...great series....God bless you with all the bestest dear friend
hi, geeta! i'm reading poems of yours today and came on this one. i tend to think that greed comes from us thinking that our security depends primarily on us alone and that security can be found in this world. to me this relates to jesus' words, one can't serve God and greed. related to this, in the bible the first or original sin is that of shifting our dependency on God to ourselves. the new testament, following the declaration of the old where it says abraham trusted God and that was counted to him as righteousness, says in the letter to the hebrews that without faith or trust in God, it is impossible to please God. ultimately there is no security in this world, is there? we are utterly vulnerable- but this is cause for gratitude- for every day that we have what we need, for every day that we are kept safe. and if we know our security is in God and are called to follow jesus' example- who made himself poor and utterly dependent- we are challenged to give as he did, a challenge i explore in my poem to fly, a challenge when there are others who depend on us. be blessed, geeta. glen glen
Power corrupt, absolute power corrupt absolutely. Since the dawn of mankind, the history of power especially political power has been a horror story - with tyrants employing the tactics of hurting the body to win the mind. Sublime depiction of THE POWER GREED. Thanks Geeta for this piece.
The exponential growth of ego of over ambitious personalities had put the whole world in perii, time and again. They are enemies of humanity itself. Thank you for projecting similar thought through this episode on Ahimsa dedicated to the greed for power.
Geeta, Greed for power destroys one's self, the society, the nation/country and even world! I am reading the book, The Rise and Fall of Third Reich by WL Shirer- which tells the story of rise and fall of Hitler. Every word you have written in the poem is true about Hitler. To demolish power greed one has to scorch the seed of the violent and powerful I! True Geeta. But greed for power is there in every being. It is more manifest in wild animals. But humans, bestowed with more thinking-power should denounce the hunger for power, so peace reigns- not just in the outer world; but in our minds too. When mind is at peace, happiness follows. Om shanti!

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