Ahimsa 15 - A Path Of Pure Love - Sonnet

Poem By Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Ahimsa is pure love that upholds the unity of myriad lives,
Lo! But disowns disintegration with cuts, breaks and quarrels,
Ahimsa is like a full blown lotus so beautiful,
Lo! But is not like a thorny, spiky plant dreadful,
Ahimsa is like a lamb innocent and harmless,
Lo! But is not like a jackal cunning and careless,
Ahimsa is like a saint who lives only to pray and evolve,
Lo! But is not like the devil who lives only to curse and dissolve,
Ahimsa is like the sun that shines bright,
Lo! But is not like the cloudy, dark night of fright,
Ahimsa is like the eternal heavenly tree
Lo! But is not like the twig that falls dead and free,
Ahimsa is ambrosia love pure,
Love that is unblemished, undying and rare!

Comments about Ahimsa 15 - A Path Of Pure Love - Sonnet

Ambrosial Ahimsa is indeed pure love...incomparable and unbeatable...your work is for ever laudable Geeta...wish you all the best 100
I love the way you juxtaposed the good and the bad - it served well to capture the essence of Ahimsa. Thanks for this inspirational fragrance, and do remain blessed.
The path of pure love is very beautifully crafted in this exquisite sonnet. Pure love is a joy known to very few human beings. It is a very rare treasure rarely found. Thank you for sharing this wondrous write, dear Geeta. I enjoyed reading very much. Blessings...

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