Ahimsa 8 - Aparigraha Or Non-Possessiveness

Poem By Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

A greedy man can never practise ‘Ahimsa',
For, the greed leads to many ‘Himsas'!
Grief, pain, injury,
Physically, mentally, emotionally,
Hurting others in order to gain or grab!

The root of greed is strong,
Unless one plucks out the root,
Right from its deepest level,
From its innermost strand,
It could surf again!

Greed is like a termite - it eats into you,
Destroying every semblance of a virtue!
Once addicted, it becomes stubborn,
Grows deeper and deeper,
Until you are drowned in the whirlpool of greed!

‘Aparigraha' means Non-Possessiveness -
To refrain from the tendency to hoard,
To terminate the four vicious habits;
The palate greed, the carnal greed,
The money greed and the power greed!

The four together make a perfect square,
Each line pursuing an act,
So despicable and loathsome,
Bumping into each other at every corner,
And finally, falling into a terrible pit!

Comments about Ahimsa 8 - Aparigraha Or Non-Possessiveness

‘Aparigraha' means Non-Possessiveness - To refrain from the tendency to hoard, To terminate the four vicious habits; what a great spiriutal poem indicating definitely the evils which a human being has to avoid. it is like a wonderful sermon my dear Geeta.. thank u. tony
Greed is always dangerous and root of violence. All should leave this. Showing mercy and having love in heart for others definitely build nice society. Spiritually teaches nonviolence. Peace is achieved through spiritual perception. This is very thought provoking as well as philosophical poem shared here...10
I love how the poetess classifies the many faces of greed in this excellently penned poem. The consequences of greed is extremely well defined, as is greed itself. Greed seems to be an affliction which some are born with, yet sometimes I wonder if it's something which happens after birth, perhaps due to circumstances in the person's life. People who are avaricious are usually so in the material sense, though poetess Geeta has also named other ways in which people can be greedy and these ways are also very true. They have no understanding of anybody else's needs, they will never share, it's as though they can never have enough for themselves, that may arise from a lack in this lifetime or from a past lifetime. You have captured rapacity extremely well in this outstanding, insightful, sublime poem, which has provided me with much food for thought as I go about my day and I, thank you for sharing it with me Geeta. Blessings always...

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