Ahimsa 9 - The Palate Greed

Poem By Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

We have to remember that
'We eat to live - not live to eat.'
But this line is forgotten
By most of us!
The palate greed craves for food,
It is not just hunger but a reckless habit!

The mouth chews continuously,
Straining the jaw muscles
And the palate!
Like we need rest after a day's labour,
So does the digestive system needs to pause,
From constantly churning the food bolus!

The salivary glands,
The gastric glands,
The Brunner's glands,
The glands of Liberkuhn,
Become hyperactive and
Vastly enzymatic!

When the stomach and intestine,
Work at double speed
And overtime,
Obviously, the result is
Acidity and

A glutton can never think
Beyond the stomach!
The question posed here -
Can such a person practise ‘Ahimsa'?
May be! May be not!
A glutton may not harm others but
He harms himself with excess food!

Comments about Ahimsa 9 - The Palate Greed

A glutton may not harm others but He harms himself with excess food! .....very true....a wise advice...lovely poem Geeta....10++++
Such a compelling and captivating composition that motivates good eating habbits and health... Well done my friend!
A glutton can never think Can such a person practise ‘Ahimsa'? dear Geeta .. this was an interestig poem.. you became doctor of medicine suddenly to write like this. yes..... we are in this reckless habit....... controlling oneself as Gandhi did...... he went about with seemingly empty stomach and attained us freedom.......... thank you.. i shall practice what you preach here in this poem.. thank you for motivating me dear poetess. tony

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