PT (Born 6th of August 1989 / Essex, England)

Aiding Aids Across Africa

Aiding AIDS across Africa
Your priests spreading lies
Just because condoms are evil in your eyes
No it is not agreeable to say they are permeable
Infecting desperate lives, like part of the virus itself
With false promises of a saviour, a shining light
All you are doing is increasing their plight
From something that maybe-might
To a hole from which they cannot dig out
“Burn the evil condoms! ! ” they hear you shout
Because you know they will do so without a doubt
Blindly, and without word or reason
Incinerating their real saviour, sealing their fate
Then off they go, to procreate
“As God intended”, I doubt that mate…
Would an omni-benevolent God want his creation so suffer so?
To wither and die as opposed to grow?
Then leave your lies to your ‘holy’ Pope
(Who one or two altar boys did grope)
Let him imagine what he wishes
From a book that leaves too many dirty dishes;
Starts wars, apartheids, and genocides
This is not a time to pick sides
But one to help, protect and serve our once slaves
Because it’s our fault they are this way, we cannot turn away
Or make it worse with ruthless, reasonless, random lies
Where every three seconds a child dies
So if you must recruit, for your cause with no fruit
Leave the desperate to be helped as opposed to ravaged
I would not consider them, but you the savage

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